About Save

Who is SAVE?

SAVE is a proudly South African company owned and run by a team of experienced professionals.


We provide training and services in civil engineering and related industries. This includes both unaccredited and accredited training programmes. Our areas of expertise are SETA accredited training, consulting and community facilitation.


We are a majority female, black-owned company. And as such, we are passionate about building a more fair and sustainable South Africa.


Our passion and beliefs have inspired us to keep adapting. Driving SAVE to respond to changing needs in South Africa by improving on what we do as a company. This has lead us to make significant changes in our ownership, board and management team. In the process, we have made a concerted effort to be more inclusive. Welcoming more young, black and female South Africans to our team. Making adjustments throughout our company; in our ownership, on our board of directors, and in our management team.

What does SAVE do?

We provide training and services that have a positive impact on the lives of South Africans.


SAVE works with organisations, communities and stakeholders involved in improving our built environment. This includes general construction and infrastructure projects. And, working with the people affected by these developments, is a key part of what we do.


Our aim is to use our expertise to help uplift communities and empower people. To provide training that everyone has access to and to build a more sustainable society. Hence, our name – SAVE, which stands for South African Value Education. 


Our SETA accredited training is for people working in construction and infrastructure-related industries. SAVE’s other services include consultation, stakeholder engagement, and community facilitation.

"Thank you for the very detailed and professional final report. It has indeed been a pleasure to do business with such a professional service provider. I hope for continued collaborations in the future."

Our Mission and Vision

SAVE’s mission is:

To have a positive impact on people’s lives, by providing skills development, training and community facilitation services where needed most – directly to communities and online.

Our vision at SAVE is:

To be part of building a more equitable and sustainable society where everyone has access to knowledge, tools and opportunities to do better, be better and live better.

SAVE Mission & Vision

Ownership & History of SAVE

Who Owns SAVE?

SAVE is owned by a small team of motivated South African professionals. We are a dynamic team of skilled experts with extensive experience in our fields.


SAVE is a majority black, female-owned business.


The owners of SAVE share a deep commitment to building a more just and sustainable South Africa. We are passionate about using our skills to make a positive impact on people’s lives.


The company owners are also involved in managing and running the business. We take part in the day-to-day operations to ensure SAVE maintains the highest ethical and professional standards.

The History of SAVE

SAVE was founded in 1998 as an independent training company.


In 2009, Zutari (formerly called Aurecon) bought SAVE. They did this to expand their client offering to include services that SAVE could provide.


A decade later, in 2019, SAVE regained its independence. The company is now owned by a group of people that are more representative of the South Africa we live in today.


We’re proud that our ownership, board and management team now reflects the diversity of South African society.