Community Facilitation & Stakeholder Engagement

Human Settlement Projects

Specialising in Community Based Participatory Planning (CBPP).


To ensure that community members assume ownership of their own development and project; their involvement from the onset is key. Hence, effective community participation requires a structured agreement between the developer and the community. It is of the utmost importance that the community is involved in all aspects of the settlement upgrading process.

Project Inception & Development Stage

  • Draft, Develop and Facilitate Project Communication Plans
  • Constitute Representative Structures
  • Facilitate Social Compacts
  • Train and Supervise Community Liaison Officers
  • Facilitate Project Information Campaigns
  • Identify Project Beneficiaries

Project Implementation Stage

  • Facilitate Interim Basic Services Process
  • Beneficiary Administration
  • Beneficiary Capacity Building and Mobilisation
  • Develop and Facilitate Relocation Strategy Plans
  • Facilitate the Relocation Process to Temporary Relocation Areas (TRA), Enhanced Serviced Sites or Top Structures
  • Progressive Project Communication
  • Dispute Resolution

Consumer Education & Capacity Building

  • Consumer Education
  • Capacity Building

"You guys deserve a thank you and congratulations for the role you played on this project." (Mossel Bay Upgrading of Informal Settlements)

Civil & Building Construction Projects

With a focus on Stakeholder Engagement, Community Liaison and Facilitation Services.


The services comprise acting as communication channel or link between the client/contractors and the affected communities, by keeping everyone informed of all project related aspects, and can include, but are not limited to:

  • Communication and Engagement Strategies
  • Establish Community Representative Structures and Communication Channels (to deal with project related aspects)
  • Facilitate community participation
  • Project Information Sharing and Progress Reporting
  • Facilitate Conflict and Dispute Resolution (to minimise project disruptions)
  • Facilitate Sourcing of Local Labour and Dealing with Labour Related Matters
  • Capacity Building
  • Recruitment, Appointment, Training and Management of Local Community Liaison Officers

Social Facilitation

Social Facilitation is one of the key components of any project implementation, and mainly comprises the establishing processes through which the community can itself create meaningful, ongoing change, with the help and collaboration of developers or local authorities. Social Facilitation is thus about communication and the creation of information channels, which are necessary for the exchange of ideas and information among and between communities and affected stakeholders.

  • Social Facilitation Policies, Communication and Engagement Strategies
  • Stakeholder Communication Mapping and Social Facilitation Plans
  • Establish Community Representative Structures and Communication Channels
  • Facilitating Community Participation
  • Skills Audits and Establishing Labour Desks