Consulting Services

Construction Management

With a focus on job creation, community involvement and labour intensive construction.

SAVE takes a leadership role in the execution of your project on EPWP principles. We do the construction management of small, simple projects or components of projects. Our emphasis is on job creation, community involvement, labour intensive construction and training.

  • Allocation of SAVE staff (experienced subject matter experts) to a project with the main purpose of executing the project (for very basic and simple projects)
  • Design and construction supervision are done in-house or by the client’s preferred consultant
  • SAVE manage the community engagement and facilitation including recruitment of local workers
  • The client appoints the local labour but SAVE manages the wage process
  • The client provides all other resources (material, tools, and equipment)
  • SAVE manages all resources and executes the project

Training Programme Management

SAVE takes a leading role in the implementation of our client’s Skills Development and Training Strategy. This will consist of the compilation, implementation and management of various training programmes on behalf of the client and can include any combination of the services that we provide.

  • Training the work stream lead for multi-disciplinary projects
  • Customised curriculum development
  • Source, identification, appointment and management of training service providers
  • Managing all the various facets of the training process: theoretical training, workplace experience, assessments, moderations, certifications and reporting
  • Sourcing host employees and facilitating placement of Learners at host employers for experiential learning, if necessary

Training and Skills Development Advisory

Advising entities on education, training and skills development matters.

Advisory for:
i.  Consultants
ii. Contractors
iii. Municipalities
iv. Provincial Government Departments
v. National Public Works & Transport Departments

  • Skills Development and Training Strategies
  • Advice on training programme compilation and implementation
  • Advice and assistance with training tender and quotation specifications

Labour Intensive Construction (LIC) Advisory

We advise client organisations, consultants and contractors in matters pertaining to Labour Intensive Construction (LIC) project conception, design, implementation, and management.

  • Advise clients on the promotion and development of LIC strategies in line with EPWP guidelines
  • Advise on the conception of LIC projects
  • Provide LIC design inputs
  • Advise on LIC project implementation and management

Public Transport Advisory

With a focus on non-technical support services on Integrated Public Transport Network (IPTN) Projects.

  • Assisting and advising authorities and IPTN units on various non-technical and supporting service fields
  • Advising and assisting with the taxi permit relinquishing process and other taxi permit related matters
  • Support services to system planners by means of various field surveys that are crucial for managing and fine-tuning the public transport system
  • The above surveys include passenger surveys on buses and taxis, route surveys, facilities assessments and traffic counts
  • Socio-economic study surveys
  • Design skills development and training strategies for a particular IPTN’s
  • Implementation, rollout, and management of skills development and training strategies
  • Implementation and coordination of various training programmes such as Bus Driver Training, Universal Access Training and Artisan Training
  • Training work-stream leads during the implementation of IPTN programmes

Construction Mentoring

With a focus on small and emerging contractor development.


We allocate subject matter experts to identified emerging and small contractors with the aim of mentoring and developing these contractors in all aspects of their business. Mentoring can be for specific contractors or it can be structured to be part of a larger contractor development programme.

  • Technical advice on project execution
  • Technical skills transfer to owners, management and workers
  • Project planning and execution
  • Resource management and utilisation (material, plant and workforce)
  • Cashflow and financial management
  • Legal aspects and contractual matters and the administration thereof
  • Construction management systems
  • Dealing with clients, consultants and suppliers
  • Tendering and pricing
  • Work procurement and target markets
  • Risk management and claims